Residential Alarm
Toronto Ontario
Looking to activate your alarm monitoring service?

Activate and SAVE Activate your alarm monitoring service and SAVE.  
Whether moved into a new home or just need to activate your alarm system, contact Blaze alarms we will send a technician to you home or place of business to activate your alarm system, we will teach you how to use it, and and the same time will give you the first 6 months alarm monitoring FREE

After your 6 months you will pay ONLY  $25 a month for the monitoring service.

Blaze Alarms is the best company when it comes to Activate residential or business alarms. We will activate your alarm at no cost to you. If we are not able to reprogram your existing alarm panel we will replace it for free .

This is what you get when activate your alarm monitoring service with us

Free - Get the first 6 Months of monitoring
Free - Reprogramming
Free - Minor Repairs if required 
Free - Replace Backup Battery Alarm System Demonstration
Certificate for Insurance Discount 
1 Year Preventative Maintenance Warranty
No Charge for Activation
Warning Decals
No Charge for Activation

Only $25 Mo. Monitoring (36 Mo.)

Blaze Alarms works to provide the best GTA security services. We offer a wide variety of home and business security tools such as:

Contact us today to have your alarm system activated 416-250-7398
Toronto Home Alarm System
Affordable Home alarm & burglar alarm security system with option for cell backup communication also alarm monitoring services & installation for homes we offer the best home alarm security and monitoring systems in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our security system fits everybody’s budget. Free Home Alarm System State of the art DSC system, with the latest technology Saving you up to 20% off your homeowners insurance, Great low monthly rate, Protection from Burglary, Intrusion, FREE $750 Alarm System
Additional Devices

Glass break sensor
Great for sun rooms, patio doors or any other large expanse of glass that may be susceptible to forced entry, this sensor will detect 
breaking glass.

Water sensor
Good near your water heater or basement plumbing this sensor can detect water flood.

Low temperature sensor
Will detect when the temperature in your house drops below a pre-set level. Excellent protection for those who travel during the winter months!

Heat detector
Mounted by your furnace, this device can detect increases in temperature.

Sump pump sensor
Will protect your basement in the event of a sump pump failure or excessive water levels by detecting rising water levels.

Panic button
Allows you to notify our monitoring station that you need emergency assistance.

Keychain remote
Allows you to arm and disarm your security system with a simple press of the button.

Wireless communicator
No phone line? No problem, Your security system can still be monitored 24/7 by installing a wireless communicator the DSC 3G4010 that will transmit the alarm signals over the wireless network instead of a landline.
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