Cellular Alarm Monitoring
Toronto, Ontario
Cellular Alarm Communications

The last few years is the cellular signals, which use wireless digital transmission, like a cell phone to transmit alarm signals to the monitoring station. Cellular alarm communicators (DSC 3G4010) can carry more data at greater speeds. Because the connection is wireless, cellular systems are generally cannot be tempered, so one consciously and intentionally outages are rare making this option the highest security connection.

Cellular provides secure protection against the cutting of telephone lines.

Monthly monitoring costs are a little higher than the landline service because of the cellular service, The initial equipment costs regularly being more expensive.

Would you like to save $40 a month for a landline? We will add a cellular connection for you. (A one time Cellular Radio at $179 will apply.) 

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Stay One Step Ahead Of Potential Intruders
GSM Cellular Phones,

Many homeowners have opted to not install standard telephone service in their home because they now use cell phones or voice over IP phone systems.

GSM cellular backup also provides the great protection against the cutting of your telephone lines from the outside of your house. If for some reason a criminal thought to cut the line leading to your home in hopes of disabling alarm communications to our monitoring station, with GSM cellular backup ensures the communications still get through and your protection continues.
GSM cellular backup provides peace of mind beyond a power failure. 
While GSM cellular backup comes at an additional cost to basic system monitoring charges, it offers good value and the best of protection.
Blaze Alarms has increasing concerns

because thieves have learned to cut the phone lines before they break in. We now offer Secured Monitoring for Better protection and ensured dispatch. We recommend Cellular in addition to our phone line reporting. Thieves with wire cutters have access to your phone line before they break in. If there's been a storm, the lines may be down. Construction mishaps cause phone outages. Cell Backup solves these problems be ensuring your alarm is communicated to our monitoring station via the cellular network.
For situations involving remote cottages, where no phone service is available, or for homes where you are not going to install a landline, the DSC 3G4010 is a great solution, This cell backup can also be used as a stand alone cellular alarm communicator for your security system.
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Is this a problem in the larger major cities like Toronto? 
The answer is YES, it is a growing problem, but still not a very common occurrence in residential robberies. This is because most residential burglaries are "crimes of convenience or opportunity". Thieves don't plan to enter a specific home; they just seize upon an immediate opportunity to do so. Most just ring the front doorbell, and when no one answers, they simply kick in the front door !!! So little or no planning is involved ! The presence of good physical security and an alarm system is usually enough to send them over to your neighbour's home, where they know that they can find all the same things in that home as in yours, but with little risk or difficulty in entering.

However, the opposite is true with commercial robberies where thieves are often somewhat more knowledgeable in such matters. There the risk of loss of contents far exceeds the extra costs of cellular backup and can be a cost effective solution to telephone line cut by professional thieves.

For situations involving remote cottages, where no phone service is available, or for homes where you are not going to install a landline, the DSC 3G4010 is a great solution, This cell backup can be used as a stand alone cell communicator for your security system .

Blaze Alarm offers a wireless communicator unit that when installed alongside an alarm system will send the alarm signals via the wireless network to the monitoring centre.

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Phone Lines
Most homes in Canada have phone lines that come into the home via overhead wires, the wires run down the home and terminate in a plastic box then connect to your alarm system and your telephone jacks in the house. The wires can easily be cut and the  box easily accessed. Any burglar can do this very easily and can disable your phone line which will then disable your alarm system monitoring. If you have your phone lines exposed on the side of your home you should always install an alarm system cell backup system which will provide your alarm system monitoring via the cell network.
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