Business Alarms Systems in Toronto

With the extensive use of technology and sophisticated equipment, there is a marked improvement in the characteristic of human life in several respects. Modern technology has enabled people's lives to be far safer. Electronic reminders have helped people make their homes less vulnerable to burglary. Home Security alarm systems are very popular because of their efficiency and the relatively low price.

Alarm systems are now widely available on the market from a wide variety of well known manufacturers. Certain types of alarm systems may be operated without requiring any specialized knowledge. However on the other hand, there are high spec systems that require professional installation which are then controlled by the alarm company service staff. The choice of a home alarm system depends to a large extent on the specific requirements of a particular household and life style led by a certain family.

We’re The Alarm Companies Toronto Ontario Leader in home security and 
surveillance cameras installation.

Blaze Alarms 24 hour monitored home security system helping to protect many of your neighbours in Toronto. We offer home security systems and monitoring service in most of the towns and cities in and around Toronto, including many others like Ajax, Barrie, Brampton, Brantford, Burlington, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Guelph, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto, Vaughan, Whitby, York Region.
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Monitored FREE Alarm System Includes:
  • DSC Power PC1616 Control Panel 
  • Keypad with Fire Ambulance & Police Buttons
  • Motion Detector
  • Windows and Door Contacts
  • Indoor Siren
  • Back-Up Battery 
  • All Labour 
  • Warning Decals
  • Certificate for Insurance Discount
   Equipment & installation: FREE          
   $24.95 Mo. Monitoring   

  *36-Month Monitoring Agreement required
Alarms Systems in Toronto for Businesses

All home alarm systems consist of three basic aspects: the alarm, sensor and movement monitors and the illegal intrusion device which is manually controlled to trigger the alarm in the event of a disorder characterized by an intruder. Home Security alarm systems can be supplied with power from a battery or can function with the help of electricity as an energy source. Alarm systems that run off batteries can be installed without much trouble, but are considered less effective than their electrical counterparts.

Blaze Alarms works to provide the best Toronto security services. We offer a wide variety of home and business security tools such as:

Blaze Alarms has been serving customers in and around Toronto since 1990. Blaze Alarms can install a FREE security system in your home or place of business. All our alarm systems can be monitored by our monitoring station 24 hour a 7 days a week. 

Contact us today to get your family protected with our Free alarm system offer. 

Monitoring an Alarm System 

Why should I have a monitored security system? 
Blaze Alarms monitored security system can reduce your homeowners insurance by up to 20%. Call your insurance agent for additional information. Medical and fire services can be sent when you are unable to call them yourself. Monitoring is an effective way to watch over your home or business when you’re not there. Statistics show that a home with a monitored security system is three times less likely to be burglarized than a home without a monitored alarm system.
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