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Blaze Alarm offer a free alarm system for your home or place of Business. You pay only the monthly monitoring fee. A complete burglar alarm systems configured for you from security system Toronto.
Our package fits everybody’s budget, Our package fits everybody’s budget for Free Home Alarm System State of the art DSC system, with the latest technology.  Saving you up to 20% off your home owners insurance. Great low monthly rate. Protection from Burglary, Intrusion and Fire.  FREE $750 Alarm System
Toronto Home Alarm System
“Better Protection at a Lower Cost” 

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If you are thinking of upgrading your home alarm or installing a new alarm system, Blaze Alarms Toronto a security company that can protect your home or business at lower cost.  We can draw up plans for new home security systems, fire alarm systems and smart home wiring. Our company have the experience with alarm burglar alarm systems. We designing, installing, monitoring and servicing any security system.

Blaze Alarms System Toronto, have been providing the Greater Toronto Area for over 27 years with home and business security services.

Get your Home Alarm Installed today!

Affordable Home alarm & burglar alarm security system. FREE installation, FREE activation; FREE warranty. Keeping secure in your home or business is now more important than ever. While burglaries are down a bit over the last several years, crime now is more violent than ever. Keeping your family safe from intrusion and secure with a good tight perimeter alarm system is the best security combined with dead bolt locks and secure windows make it much more difficult for an intruder to harm anyone. 

While you are away, there will be infrared sensor or sensors that are now even pet smart to ignore your dog or cat and yet sense and get help if an intruder would penetrate your home from a more difficult opening such as high second floor window or a hole cut in a door or wall. Pushing that stay button on your keypad is all that it takes to turn on your system and the comfort and the sense of security you feel is well worth it.

Affordable Home alarm & burglar alarm security system with option for cell backup communication also alarm monitoring services & installation for homes we offer the best home alarm security and monitoring systems in the Greater Toronto Area.
Blaze Alarms will monitor your alarm system and alert you in real time to any threat, danger, or problem that may arise in your home or business. Blaze Alarms will provide you monitoring 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We will also dispatch the authorities.
Blaze Alarms is providing a Security cameras to let you monitor your property 24/7 from anywhere on any smart phone, iPad or desktop computer. Whether you are looking for home security or business security, you can have peace of mind knowing that your security cameras will capture everything that happens.
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