Reducing False Alarms
Toronto, Ontario
How To Help Reducing False Alarms, Toronto
Reducing False Alarms
False alarms are not only a nuisance, they can be costly and inconvenient in terms of both time and money to respond to. It is therefore important to be aware of possible causes and take precautionary steps to minimize false activations. False alarms can be caused by: Insects, pests and pets power failure or surges telecommunications failure storms inadequate maintenance program incorrect equipment for the application old or faulty equipment objects hanging in front of a sensor drafts or breezes from open windows or air conditioners user error. 
Pets and Other Elements in the Environment
Don’t forget your pet in the house Put your pets outside if possible or set your alarm system to accommodate movement inside your home. Keep your motion sensors clean and clear of cobwebs. Be sure to remove all cobwebs and spiders that you can see from the corners of the ceilings and walls. Be sure your doors and windows have tight fittings to prevent drafts and excess air movement. Adjust motion detectors above levels accessible by your pets and away from birdcages, heaters and fans. Secure doors and windows thoroughly before setting the alarm and leaving your home or business.
Securely close and lock all doors and windows. Be sure that any person who has access to your property knows how to properly operate your alarm. This includes family, employees, cleaning crews, neighbours, etc. Everyone with a key to your home or business must be trained on how to set and disarm your system, including instructions on how to cancel an alarm. If you accidentally set off your alarm system,  DON’T PANIC, you have time to enter your pass code to disarm and reset your alarm system. If you accidentally set off your alarm system, DO NOT leave your home or business until you have talked to your alarm company/monitoring station. Call your alarm company and give them your pass code or ID code and notify them that the alarm was false. If you are having excessive false alarms, contact your alarm company to help identify any problem zones in your home or business. The alarm company can inspect this area and your alarm system and make recommendations to help reduce the number of false alarms. If you are having excessive false alarms, have the alarm company make contact with you or another responsible party first and get permission to dispatch the police when the alarm is set off.
Equipment Failures
Replace the backup batteries, they are good for 3-5 years. If your system is monitored, follow your alarm company’s recommendations for battery replacement. Test your alarm periodically to ensure that it is functioning properly. Be sure to notify the monitoring station before you begin testing your system. Be sure to follow the alarm manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and the periodic maintenance of your alarm system. Ask your alarm company to inspect/service your system annually. Notify your alarm company if you are building or re-modelling and if there is a chance that power interruptions may occur as a result.

Other crime prevention strategies 
To complement an alarm system, consideration should be given to other crime prevention strategies including property engraving, quality locks, security screens on windows, deterrent stickers and external sensor lighting.
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