Alarm System Lower Your Insurance Premiums
Did you know that home insurance companies smile favourably upon home owners with home security systems? It's true. It only makes practical sense because it equates to lowering the number of claims they need to process. It also means you are in line for discounts on your home insurance premiums. Of course each insurance company will have its own set of guidelines for what makes you less of a risk.
Insurance Companies Have Specific Expectations

Your insurance company may require that you have deadbolts on all your doors and windows, reinforcement on the entry points into your home and a burglar alarm system. Some even give you credit for participating in a Neighbourhood Watch Program. 

Having a home security company that actively monitors your premises is a huge plus. For the insurance company it means your risk of being robbed is greatly reduces. Most burglars shy away from homes with alarms because they don't like to be detected when they are stealing your valuables. They also know the sound of an alarm means the local authorities will be on the scene momentarily. Your entire family is less at risk because of fire and smoke detectors and motion sensors that come with the home security system.

Are You Eligible for Home Insurance Premium Discounts?

Ask your insurance agent about the discounts available for using security services. You deserve to have the benefit of lower insurance premiums and security equipment that scares off potential intruders from targeting your home. Your family is definitely worth it!
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