I think everyone would agree that home security is important these days. I know that a vast majority do, as the home security industry has exploded in recent years. It makes sense when you stop to think about it, what with our homeland security situation among other issues as well.

For many of us who live in medium to large urban areas, home security is a very big issue in our lives. What are some of the way's we can protect our family and ourselves?

We can all carry firearms, but that's not a great idea to be sure. We can install alarm systems, but look how many times those go off with false alarms. It's gotten so bad that many towns impose fines to the homeowner for false alarms. Next, you could install iron bars on your doors and windows, but this presents a real safety issue in the event of a fire, not to mention what it does for the outside view.

Perhaps the solution is a home security camera. These cameras are beginning to become a hot item in home safety. They monitor your home 24 hours a day regardless if you're there or not. You can do it yourself or hire an outside agency to do the monitoring.

Once you have the home security camera mounted and set up, you can utilize a closed circuit television or even the internet to monitor and record all activity. The cost of these systems is not as bad as you may think, and well worth the price for the added security. With the advent of new technology every day, the price continues to fall.

For those of you who say these types of home security systems are out of your budget, there is still help. You can easily mount "dummy" cameras around the outside perimeter of your home. They make these pseudo home security cameras to look just like the real thing. Any potential criminal or burglar would have a nearly impossible time in knowing the difference. Seeing a camera sends these people running in the opposite direction.

Home security cameras not only show what is going on around your home "live", but they can also record as well. How this could help you in the unfortunate event someone broke into your home is that the police could use the tape as evidence in apprehending and convicting the criminal. It could also help with any insurance claims and investigations as well.

With the advances in technology, home security cameras can be set up for multiple locations as well. So, you could set up a system that would monitor other family members' homes or even your business if you have one. This could really be helpful in many cases.

If you want to protect your home you may want to consider looking into home security cameras. It may give you the peace of mind you've been looking for
4 Camera Package
Flir camera system

• 4 Channel Professional Full HD 1080P DVR
• 4 Cameras Full HD 2.1 Megapixel, 1080p@30fps with 
     Infrared Night Vision 
• One 2Tb Hard Drive 
• One DC 12V Power Adapter,  
• All wires and connectors 

• Remote Access on Internet or Cell Phones, iPhone or    Android 

• 3 Years Warranty on Most cameras and DVRs  
• Professional Installation Included 

8 Camera Package
FLIR Cameras system
• 8 Channel Professional Full HD 1080P DVR
• 8 Cameras Full HD 2.1 Megapixel, 1080p@30fps with 
Infrared Night Vision 
• One 3Tb Hard Drive 
• Two DC 12V Power Adapter, 5A, 4 Port Output 
• All wires and connectors 

• Remote Access on Internet or Cell Phones, iPhone or Android 

• 3 Years Warranty on Most cameras and DVRs  
• Professional Installation Included 

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