Types of Home Security Cameras
Available Types of Home Security Cameras
Home security cameras are now available in a wide variety of styles and featured options. Home owners will find it possible to customize a home security system to fit their individual needs. Cameras are available in wireless and wired versions and with day, night or day and night capabilities.

Home Security Cameras Types: Faux
Fake home security cameras are nothing new. They are looking more and more real all the time. A realistic appearing fake security camera can help deter burglars and vandals. Fake alarm system signs and decals are widely available. The goal is to give the illusion that the property is protected. The problem here is the same problem encountered with fake cameras. Some fake signs look fake. They aren't a deterrent at all. 

Home Security Cameras Types: Intelligent Video Surveillance
Intelligent video surveillance home security cameras involve using camera equipment to monitor activities and/or areas. This is what hospitals use to watch corridors that should remain empty. This type of setup is often used for daycare businesses. The point of the camera is to alert viewers when something changes.

In the case of the hospital corridor, this could be someone entering the corridor. In the case of the daycare, this could be a child or employee in an area where there shouldn't be anyone present. Some stores use this type of home security camera to monitor dressing rooms and alert someone if a package or purse is left behind.

Technology in development now for this type of system will someday result in cameras that can recognize and identify features, therefore alerting those responsible in case of unauthorized entry.

Home Security Cameras Types: Wide-Angle
Wide-angle home security cameras feature an extra wide lens, tend to be dome shaped and can cover much larger areas than standard lens cameras.

Home Security Camera Types: Wired
Wired home security camera systems require actual wiring so are often installed during remodelling or new construction. Images are transmitted through the wiring to a recording device.

Home Security Camera Types: Wireless
Wireless home security camera systems use wireless technology to transmit images. These are often inexpensive and simple to set up. Other wireless items such as cordless telephones and internet connections can interfere with signals.

Home Security Camera Types: Hidden
Hidden home security camera systems are available in a variety of shapes, styles, colours and sizes. Tiny cameras can be hidden or items with hidden cameras built in can be purchased. There are hidden cameras that appear to be DVD players, plants, toys, sunglasses, sprinklers, VCRs, and other items. The clarity of the image tends to be of a lower quality with these camera types.

Home Security Camera Types: Night Vision
Infrared home security camera systems can capture images in both low light settings and no light settings. The images captured during the night are black and white. Daytime images can be captured in colour if the camera has colour capabilities.

Home Security Cameras are available in a wide variety of types. This variety makes it possible for home owners to find the camera that's the right fit for need and budget.
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