If home security and home surveillance are somewhat new to you, it can often be confusing to understand the terminology and how it applies to your needs. When you're looking for a home surveillance system, knowing what to look for and understanding the technology can save you time and a lot of money.

With the many different home security systems available today, it will take a little time in knowing what is the best system for your situation. Do you need a burglar alarm? How about a video surveillance system? And the list goes on. Deciding what type of home security system is best for you and your needs will be much easier when you know what each one offers and which is right for you.

Home surveillance video systems are very popular today. They have become affordable for just about anyone and are quite easy to operate.

The cameras are mounted outside on your home where you decide to put them. The camera will provide you with a continuous live feed to a monitor. The quality of the picture is determined by several factors. These include: 
The quality of the camera and components. 

  • The quality of the lighting or lack thereof. 

  • The performance of the entire system. 
The biggest area of concern with any home surveillance system is quality. If you purchase a cheap system, you can expect problems. By doing some research and asking a salesman the right questions, you'll save yourself from being frustrated in the future. If you know what to look for you can still have a great quality home security system for a low price.

Take the time to learn all you can about a home surveillance system. Get a grasp on the terms used and what they mean. Terms such as: 

  • Resolution 

  • Lighting 

  • Illumination 

  • Sensitivity 

  • Closed Circuit System 

  • Video Signal
Then, when you're talking with a salesman, or looking over a website, you'll know what they are talking about. You'll be able to communicate on an even level and have a good understanding of what is a quality home security system and what isn't.
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