Why Annoying Home Alarm Really Work
Understanding How Home Security Systems Prevent Burglaries

We've all been awakened or startled by loud alarms blaring at all hours of the day and night. Car alarms, store alarms, alarm clocks, and even fire truck sirens - all of these irritating sounds serve a specific purpose. Are these annoying bells and whistles really necessary? Alarms are designed for that purpose - to jolt us out of our thoughts and actions and alert us to the fact that something, somewhere, there is a problem. Home alarms systems are some of the most effective warning signals ever invented. As home security technology continues to improve, burglar alarms remain an integral part of every home security system.

When burglars attempt to break into a house, they chose specific homes because (a) the homes seem very easy to break in to, and (b) the homes seem to be empty, and (c) they believe they will be able to break in, steal items of value, and escape quickly, undetected. If a home does not meet all three criteria, burglars will stay far away. The longer it takes to break into a house, the more likely it is that a thief will get caught, and no experienced burglar wants to spend time in prison. If a home is occupied, thieves always fear that a homeowner could have a gun. Homes that seem to be in disrepair, with older cars and older furniture are less likely to have expensive TVs and iPods. Alarms deter would-be criminals because they are loud and obnoxious, and notify everyone in town, in addition to sleeping homeowners, that a crime is taking place. When any alarm sounds, the chance that a thief can successfully rob a home drops down to zero.

Home security systems have a number of features that work together to provide protection. First, there is a keypad or base unit, which you use to turn the system on and off. This unit communicates with the monitoring centre and keeps track of your usage. Next there are the sensors that are placed on the doors and windows, which send open and closed messages to the keypad. When a sensor is triggered, the keypad determines if the alarm is armed or disarmed. If the system is armed, and someone opens a door or window, the keypad usually responds in two ways. First, it sends a signal to the monitoring station to let it know that someone may be breaking into the home. Next, it sounds a very loud home alarm to deter a potential criminal and notify neighbours. All together, these actions work together to create an active and effective security system.

It is important to remember that alarms lose their effectiveness when they are misused and go off repeatedly. They are designed to be irritating and grab the attention or neighbours and passersby. If an alarm is set off constantly, neighbours will become desensitized and simply ignore it. Many towns also fine residents for false alarms because it becomes a waste of time for the police. If your alarm sounds repeatedly, you need to identify the reasons and get it repaired in order for it to work properly. 

As annoying as alarms can be, they serve a real purpose. When used properly, they help prevent crime and keep neighbourhoods safer. Be sure to set your home alarm system every night and keep your home secure.
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